10 business traps to avoid

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Straight into it.

10 traps that you need to avoid in business.

  1. The “I know it” mindset, you have to constantly be a learning machine if you are seeking to succeed in business- you must learn and grow in order to attain success in business, there is always more to learn.
  2. Complacency and laziness, these are by far the 2 main reasons why people do not make it in business- you can never be complacent or lazy as there is always more problems to solve in order to advance in business.
  3. A lack of work ethic, you need to be able and willing to put in the work to succeed in business and to be consistent in your approach in doing this, consistent hard work is essential in business.
  4. The short attention span is the killer of success in business, you need to constantly be focused in business- it is like a sport in which those who can focus and stay focused the longest will end up winning.
  5. Never hire those who you do not think are worthy of being in a serious long term relationship with you, you have to look for integrity, energy and intelligence- if they don’t have integrity, forget the second two.
  6. The “I’ve made it mindset”, you have never made it in business, there is always a mindset- you can however get comfortable and this comfort will harm your long term success, always stay on your toes.
  7. Trying to chase the hot new thing, this is a mistake many entrepreneurs make and a common trap.
  8. Trying to do it all alone, you can not do it alone- you will always need the right team and people around you, in order to attain success in business.
  9. Under estimating your competition, never doubt anyone- everyone is smart and everyone can perform at a high level.

10. A lack of integrity towards others, in business- you should respect everyone the same and always try to increase the respect in which you can give to others, allowing you to build sound and stable relationships.

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