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How do you become a better forex trader/investor?

  1. Know the market, doing your research is essential in attaining strong returns with forex trading and investing.
  2. Stick to your philosophy and do what works best for you.
  3. Practice trading without using money, apply and test other methods, techniques and strategies in order to develop your current philosophy.

4. Know your limits and stick to what you know, stay in your circle- you don’t have to be a genius at everything, stick to the places in which you are smart about.

5. Don’t trade on impulse, leave the emotions at the door and stay purely rational when it comes to trading and investing forex.

6. Keep your trading slow, steady and controlled- again be calm and rational with your trading.

7. Be consistent in your approach and never give up, stay persistent.

8. Keep on learning and developing your mindset, you will only trade as well as you think you can- keep on learning about forex through resources.

9. Stay focused on what you are seeking to attain, where focus goes- energy flows.

10. Give it time and be aggressively patient, give your approach some time to work and don’t expect immediate results- trading is an art and the craft takes time to pay off.

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