10 ways to maximize ethics in business

Hi, straight to the point.

  1. Treat everybody with respect and honour, integrity is the simple most important aspect to long term business success.
  2. Work harder than everyone else around you, become the example and lead by example.
  3. Always be early and on time to appointments, meetings and always leave last when possible.
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4. Set measurable goals and always keep track of them, be firm in attaining those goals and set goals which would require you to work 120H a week for years to attain- most set low goals as it makes it easier to get over the bar.

5. Always seek to improve yourself and in the process, improve as many others as possible- this will allow you to maximize integrity.

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6. Always use people’s names, treat everyone the same- no favourites.

7. Show empathy and genuine interest in everyone you come across in business, make them remember you for your service.

8. Reply to people quickly and always be willing to take criticism as this is what allows you to get to the next level.

9. Learn to enjoy the company of everyone and always listen, as everyone is unique, the ones who teach you the most valuable of lessons appear as if they can teach you nothing.

10. Always show up, always- no matter what, this is the most fundamental trait you need to maximize ethics in business.


Thank you for reading, stay strong.



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