10 things that money will do for you

Hi, straight to the point.

  1. Money will expose you, it will make your true colours come out and it will make you more vulnerable.
  2. Money will only enhance what you already are, so you should focus on personal development alongside creating wealth.
  3. Money causes you to have to solve more problems and to have to constantly be making the money work for you or the money will remain.

4. The amount of opportunity that you have in life will increase, money allows you to have flexibility.

5. Money makes it easier to have access to information, experiences and luxuries.

6. Money can cut you off from your family and loved ones as it requires time and attention.

7. Money will not make you happy.

8. People will money are often judged unfairly, you must be able to tolerate this.

9. Money can consume a lot of if not all of your resources, if not managed effectively.

10. Money can cause financial stress.

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