20 tips to becoming a billionaire

Hi, straight to the point.

  1. Billionaires do nothing but work (80h+ a week), they work 24/7–365 and they have and practice the highest levels of self discipline.
  2. Billionaires are life long learners, they see every setback and failure as a way to learn and they are constantly feeding their mind with the right knowledge in order for them to progress.
  3. Billionaires are mentally and emotionally tough, they can handle huge amounts of stress and still work through it.

4. Billionaires are passionate about the work that they do and they feed their obsessions through working on what they enjoy.

5.Billionaires stick to what they are good at and are aware of what they do not know, they remain in their circle whilst still making bold moves.

6.Billionaires do not chill, they rest and recover- work like a maniac 265–300 days a year and rest the remaining time.

7.Billionaires are razor sharp and aware of their surroundings and of those around them, so that they can make the right decisions.

8. Billionaires are selfless and charitable, they are always seeking ways in which they can give and help as many as possible.

9. Billionaires use negativity as a way to create future opportunity, they are constantly seeking ways in which they can move the ball forward.

10. Billionaires are patient, they focus on the long term rewards instead of short term- 20+ years in order to achieve their goals.

11. Billionaires are risk takers, they know that to achieve above average or excellent results- it takes courage and bravery.

12. Billionaires are ruthlessly persistent in making their goals a reality, they do not settle for less and they always persevere.

13. Billionaires are not afraid of losing or failing, they see it as a way to learn and as a simple test which will help them later in life.

14. Billionaires are frugile with themselves and do not spend excess amounts on themselves.

15. Billionaires enjoy the process of making their dreams a reality more than they enjoy actually attaining the goal.

16. Billionaires are not driven by money, they are driven by purpose and their own personal vision- in which they want to change the world.

17. Billionaires are always learning from proven mentors and treat everybody with maximum levels of respect.

18. Billionaires do not restrict themselves, they focus on reaching their full potential whilst doing what they love.

19. Billionaires do not conform to societies standards, they are constantly seeking ways in which they can better society.

20. Billionaires enjoy solving problems for others, they are always seeking to deal with issues which they are passionate about.

Can you become a billionaire? Will you become a billionaire?

Anything is possible, with the right mindset- it takes persistence, dedication and sacrifice.

For you to become a billionaire you need to start a business and as everything is online in our times, you should learn how to start an online business for your purpose and to make your dream a reality


Thank you for reading and have a fantastic year.



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