7 Real estate investing tips

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Real estate investing tips:

  1. Invest in apartments and not homes, buy property which will increase your chances at getting cash flow each month- apartments beat homes in this situation as a home is dependant on 1 tenant being consistent and apartments allow you scalability.
  2. Invest in real estate which produces a minimum of 6–8% return annually on the invested amount, you should be seeking to purchase deals for the lowest price relative to its intrinsic value on the purchase of the deal.

Real estate investing tips for beginners:

3. Make a plan and know the market in which you are seeking to find and purchase real estate deals, be willing to do whatever it takes to seek the right knowledge which will aid you in finding deals.

4. Understand their is a risk to any investing and being aware of the amount of risk you are willing to take in the real estate market will determine how much return you can make over the long term.

5. Be willing to constantly learn and grow with your investments, as your knowledge expands- the risks you can take and the potential for returns increases with time.

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6. Treat your real estate investments as businesses which are producing cash flow, change the way in which you view real estate investing.

7. Be willing to constantly flip deals and change your current investments, if you are able to find better deals as you grow and expand your understanding of real estate investing.

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