Hi, straight to the point.

  1. Do not fall for the markets pitfalls, simply avoid investing on impulse, buying companies because they are the hot new thing, speculating and trying to buy what you don’t understand.

2. Invest in yourself, feed your mind and always be willing to keep on learning as this leads to you being able to make better investment decisions and potentially beat the market.

3. Buy under valued and seek to find investments which lack popularity, don’t purchase what is common- find the gems, this takes hard work and discipline.

4. Always be willing to change your investment approach, adapting and growing: as beating the market means you will have to constantly be growing.

5. To beat the market, you need to have some unusual traits of character- you have to be able to go against your gut and go with the facts, betting against the world in order to attain above average results.

6. To beat the market, you have to be able to not listen to the news or go with the hot new thing.

The saying goes: “most news is noise and not news”

7. Always find some way to be able to be unique with your investing approach, the only way you can ensure above average results is by doing something different. for example: investing in global markets or buying assets at massive discounts to what they are worth.

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