7 ways to better understand money

Hi, straight to the point.

Understanding money, a sensitive topic for most- yet financial education is not being provided as it should be.

  1. You should not chase money, if you are seeking to grow your wealth- in fact you should focus on creating value as money is a bi-product of value creation.

What is value?

Providing a needed product or service or to be helping people solve problems they may have in their life, think about creating wealth in a way which helps people and you will be able to create more wealth over your life time.

2. To understand wealth, you have to think of your time as an asset and the wealthy invest their time into what will give them a return later, a few examples are:

  • Reading
  • Investments
  • Excercise

All of your time should hold high value and should be something that is used to aid in your growth.

3. Money does not come to you when you chase money, it comes when you have found a way in which you can solve problems.

4. Understanding money starts with understanding your emotions towards money, many people think of money as something that is bad- when the opposite is the truth, money can be used to do a lot of good and help many people in solving their problems.

5. Think of money as a way in which you can reward yourself for your work, but not in a paycheck manor- think about money as a reward system for the problems that you are solving.

6. Be willing to constantly learn about money, read, watch videos, anything that will allow you to feed your mind- money is important.

For education on investment, business and finance- check out:

7. Don’t chase money have it chase you, be the flame to the moth- find a way in which you can solve problems.

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic week ahead.





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