Anxiety, depression and business

Hi Sir/Madam,

Anxiety, depression and business.

A sensitive, yet under appreciated topic.

Straight into it.

How does an entrepreneur best handle depression and anxiety?

Anxiety and depression occurs commonly within starting and running a business and is something that must be taken seriously as it does lead to poor states in mental and physical health. The ability to lick your own wounds is essential in business and the reality is that business is not for everyone- just because of the emotional cost associated with business.

To be successful in business, you need to be able to properly manage and take care of your emotions- the ability to be able to handle your own emotions is essential and is the key to success in business. Anxiety is common, as when you first start a company- the business is usually facing extermination daily and this causes you to overthink, or try to anticipate the future of the business.

The fear of the unknown is common in business and many people go into business with a plan, yet they lose themselves in the process of executing that idea, it can get difficult: business is very challenging emotionally and it is important that you take good care of yourself when you are seeking to perform to a high standard within business.

Business can also lead to depression, especially when you are in the earlier stages of starting a company- you will face all kinds of challenging problems and those problems will be emotionally challenging to handle. Emotionally challenging problems can lead to poor mental health.

To best handle your emotions, you need to be able to stay emotionally stable during all phases of starting and running a company. You need to be able to always be self aware of your own emotions and be willing to make sure that you are taking care of yourself. The challenge in entrepreneurship is that many people neglect health, so the chances are that you will too- but health is usually more important than money and success. As the saying goes, we spend our health creating wealth and then use our wealth to preserve health.

To be emotionally stable is to take a step back from you and your business and to look at life from a greater scale, a larger view. To think about the business as a separate identity to yourself, you are not your business and the business is not you. If you struggle with this, slowing things down and being more understanding in regards to business is essential in attaining success.

Thank you for reading and have a fantastic week ahead.



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