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Jagdip Sanghera
1 min readMay 7, 2020

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Branding tips, on how you can improve and have better branding within your life and business.

  1. Define and know what your brand is and what it stands for, being able to define your brand allows you to have a unique message in which you send to your customers.
  2. When building a brand, think of it as it’s own identity in which you can sell a message through the brand.
  3. Have unique principles and morals attached to your brand, in which you can use your brand to do more than just send across a message.

Tips for creating an awesome brand:

4. Be consistent with the message, in which you are trying to get across to the end user.

5. Aim to be producing and offering value to your clients, not to be sending a message- if you are providing value, the message will be more defined.

6. Aim to leave a long lasting message on to your end consumer, provide a user experience for your clients and fans.

7. Know your why behind your brand image, knowing your why will make you more competitive and have an edge in business.

8. Know your audience and who you are targeting, define your area and stay within that area.

9. Outline the benefits in which your brand offers and play to your strengths.

10. Integrate your brand into multiple parts of your business, allowing you to grow your brand image and name.

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