Business and life success

  • Have a maniacal focus to succeed and stay focused on what you must do in order to attain success in life and business, focus is the single most important aspect in attaining success.
  • To succeed you must make sacrifices, give up leisure time for work and your chances at success increase drastically- the more you work, the more you get done and the greater the chances are of success.
  • To succeed in life, you have to have a clear vision and sense of direction in regards to where you want to go- if you do not know where you want to be in some stage in the future, your chances of getting to your goals decreases- know what and where the end target is.
  • Be optimistic about your future, even when others aren’t- times of change and positivity are always around the corner when you feel like giving up the most.
  • Be disciplined, the pain of discipline hurts much less than the pain of regret.
  • regularly leave your comfort zone, grow and develop your mindset and your skill set- this increases the odds of attaining success.
  • Never give up and always move forward, no matter how small the step- a step forward is a step forward.
  • Always challenge yourself, do what is hard and you will increase the odds of success.
  • Never allow yourself to take the easy way out, always do your best to push yourself towards the path of the greatest resistance as this offers the most growth and progress in attaining success.
  • Find ways to provide huge amounts of value and you will be rewarded monetarily.
  • Focus on giving before you try to ask or take, provide up front value to potential prospects and than ask.
  • Your level of success is only limited by your state of mind, break your limiting beliefs and understand that anything is possible- as long as you work for it.
  • Always push yourself to do a little more than you initially set out to do.
  • Be a doer and not a thinker, take action on your ideas.
  • Be willing to fail and make mistakes, this is how you learn the most valuable of lessons.




Writer: investing and business; founder of: Youtube:

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Jagdip Sanghera

Jagdip Sanghera

Writer: investing and business; founder of: Youtube:

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