Hi, today I will go over the mistakes that people commonly make in business.

  1. Not learning and growing, if you aren’t learning and growing- you aren’t giving yourself a chance to succeed. You need to be constantly evolving.
  2. Not investing in yourself, the amount you make is correlated to how much you invest in yourself- you have to invest in yourself regularly.
  3. Trying to avoid mistakes, it is inevitable that you will make mistakes- you just have to learn and fix them quickly.

4. Not innovating, business is the best play to put your creativity into action- if you aren’t innovating, you can’t expect to do super well in investing.

5. Failing to build a team, you can’t do fantastic things in business- without the help of others. Nothing great is achieved by just 1 person, it requires a team.

6. Trying to be a perfectionist, perfection causes paralysis- there is never a perfect time, so just pull the trigger and make it happen.

7. Invest your efforts in becoming the best you that you can be, this is not done commonly- people think they can wing their business, the reality is that it demands everything from you and you have to make it happen.

8. Thinking you are going to make it, the reality is that 90% or more of businesses don’t make it and very few cross the million dollar mark. The odds are stacked against you.

9. Failing to work hard, working hard is an essential ingredient in attaining success in business- you have to work hard, it’s demanded.

10. Not learning from other people’s mistakes, if you fail to learn from other people’s mistakes- you put yourself at massive risk when it comes to attaining success in life and business.

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