Characteristics to succeed in sales

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What are the characteristics of a great sales person and process?

  1. Always be willing to listen and adapt to your end clients response, remain flexible in the way in which you deal with each and every client- one answer does not fit all in sales.
  2. Ask questions and talk less, make your sales process about the consumer and not about you- find the consumers needs and focus on delivering the maximum value possible in doing this.
  3. Focus on providing value first and then asking, give first and ask later- giving something free or of value to the client before asking allows you to create a more successful sales process.
  4. Be willing to constantly improve your sales process by looking for feedback and regular criticism- this is how you improve.
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5. To succeed in sales, you need to be resolving your process around the pain point of the client- always cater for their needs.

6. To succeed in sales, you need to be able to handle rejection and to understand that every no is one step closer to receiving a yes.

7. To succeed in sales, you have to have a tremendous work ethic- as it can be hard to get new clients.

8. Constantly try to improve and add to your sales process, keep finding ways to do this.

9. Never give up, when things seem hard- this is when you have to push through, success is around the corner when you feel like things are challenging.

10. Know the true value of your product and have self belief in the fact that the product will offer the client tremendous value.

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