Investing principles

  1. A good business is not necessarily a good investment, to understand: realize that the quality of the business will increase the price of the asset. You should find undervalued securities, which have been overlooked by other investors.
  2. Invest only in what you understand, if you can only understand a few investment options- stay in your circle, buy what you understand and only that.
  3. Be patient, it takes time to create wealth in investing, it does not happen overnight- the more patient you are, the more you can earn.
  4. Don’t sell because of a price drop, market fluctuations are inevitable- stick to your intuition.
  5. Invest based on logic and reasoning and leave your emotions out of it.
  6. Take your time when selecting an investment, say no to as many securities as possible- the gems are found when you are willing to put in the time and effort to seek them out.
  7. Ignore the crowd, stick to your own facts and reasoning and invest in what you know will be worth more with time.
  8. Invest in your knowledge and understanding, allowing you to select better investments for yourself.




Writer: investing and business; founder of: Youtube:

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Jagdip Sanghera

Jagdip Sanghera

Writer: investing and business; founder of: Youtube:

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