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Having a big vision plays a huge role in marketing and to make your companies vision a reality, you must be able to distinguish between high moral principles and the ordinary. Marketing is all about the core values in which your business is based upon, the higher the standard of those values the more success your business will have. Treating every client with integrity, honour and respect. Ray Dalio’s book “principles” indirectly agrees with this.

Get your “Principles”- By billionaire Ray Dalio.

A must read for anyone in business.

Your core values are what distinguish your business from being a million net worth company and a billion. The industry leaders are those who are providing their clients with the highest level of customer service, treating them the best. It’s all very simple yet many look at a business as a machine for making money, the correct outlook would be: How do I serve my target audience? What is the more integral and ethical way to do this? How do I solve my clients problem?

Why is marketing important?

Marketing allows you to sell your business by focusing on maintaining and building long lasting relationships.

Marketing allows you to engage your customers and not just sell to them, you should engage with your customers.

Marketing allows you to build and create a strong reputation for your company.

Marketing is a communication channel which informs customers and gives insights into your businesses strenghs and weaknesses.

To become a master marketer, you have to change the way in which you view your business. Taking on an objective point of view on the way in which your business runs and being firm with how it operates. You should view your business from a clients point of view and always seek constant improvement in the way in which your brand and business is rubbing of on clients. Marketing is about creating win-win situations between clients and the business.

You do not need to be a genius to be a master marketer, the simpler the approach in which you are looking to get your businesses image out- the more appealing it will be to your potential clients. You need to be able to make your business transparent, clients and potential clients are attracted to the transparency that you show with your business. It is like a way of telling the customer that integrity is served and that you are adaptable to changes and in meeting the clients needs.

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