Maximizing your portfolio returns

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How do you maximize your returns?

It’s simple, you can maximize your returns and also reduce your risk- if you know how to diversify.

An example) If you have 5 investments that are all forecasted to return 12% each and you hold all 5 in your portfolio, you get to keep the 12% return on invested capital, whilst reducing your risk dramatically. A simple formula and something that does work, yet it is not made use of enough within the market.

Maximizing returns comes from being able to manage your risk exceptionally well, this is the key to attuning massive returns, it also goes that bad companies make good stocks and good companies make bad stocks- this makes it a lot harder to maximize returns. Your chances at attaining above average returns are drastically increased when you are able to take greater risk. Purchasing under valued securities is how you are able to beat the market.

How do you find under valued stocks?

Maximizing your returns, simply comes down to how you mange your risk and how well you are at picking under valued stocks. Taking on a contrarian approach to investing allows you to be able to beat the market, simply buying when their is maximum pessimism and selling at times of optimism

If you want to consistently beat the market, this takes far greater skill and effort- you need to be able to constantly grow and learn with your investing. As one investment approach may allow you to get to a certain stage with your investing, but once your investing greater amounts or changing your approach- you have to constantly learn to beat the market, the same thing doesn’t always promise above average returns.

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Simply put, it’s all about managing your risk and taking on the right investment approach, depending on your personal situation.

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