Money and life

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How does money influence and affect the way in which one lives their life?

How important is money?

What does money actually do for you?

Money is seen as something which is important in life, yet this in an over statement as a minimalist will end up living a happier and more fulfilling life than the typical rich business man will.

Why is this?

Money does not make you happy and it simply exposes who you already are, so you have to constantly be willing to grow and learn whilst you are creating wealth. The process of creating and growing wealth is simple but it is hard and requires much time and work to be invested into the activities which will allow one to attain the goal of creating material wealth- sacrifices come with this too.

How important is money?

Money is important for making sure that you are able to take care of your basic needs but apart from that money is not very important. Creating wealth is something which will be of a greater desire to those who have had a lack of money and seen as something that is of little importance to those who have always had money around them. You should focus on having enough to live a happy and fulfilling life, or a greater amount if you seek to help others on a greater scale.

What does money do for you?

Simply put: more money, more problems. To create more wealth you have to be solving problems at a greater level and those problems usually will have an emotional cost associated with it. You have to be able to maintain a stable personality and this is a challenge for many people in our times, staying calm and being disciplined in controlling your own emotions. Money can help you solve problems too but it does create more for you in the process.

Money is not something that you should directly chase or attempt to attain, your focus should be on providing value to as many people as possible- the more people you are able to add value to: the greater your income will be naturally. Money is a bi-product of the value in which you are able to add to the lives of others.

If you can help more people, you will make more money- yet the process is challenging but it is simple. Take risks, follow the fear and work like crazy and you too can create quantum wealth in your life. We tend to overthink things and when it comes to money and life, the best thing to do is to just take action on your ideas, fail and learn from those failures. Fail your way to financial freedom, this is the key.

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