Reaching your potential as an investor

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How do you reach your true potential as an investor?

I’ll cover the basics and some complex teachings which will aid you in becoming the best investor that you can become.

Becoming your best self in investing is something which will require tremendous sacrifice and work ethic. To be a great investor, you have to be constantly learning and finding ways in which you can improve and challenge your current thoughts about investing. Investing isn’t complex, yet it does require some unordinary character traits.

If you wish to be your best self in investing, you have to first get your emotions under control, having a steady personality will allow you to have your best chances at beating the market. The market is full of emotional trading and reactive investing, this creates opportunity for those who have a steady character to gain a chance at beating the market. To beat the market, you have to simply not fall for the markets pitfalls like most investors do.

Investing is a game of pure rational logic and nothing less or more, it all comes down to you being able to make decisions based on reasoning and logic, remember you are not right nor wrong because people agree or disagree with you- you are right if your logic and reasoning is right, this is an important one to remember and always will be.

To be a better investor, you have to stick to a philosophy whilst constantly learning and your philosophy should match your temperament. For those who like to go against the grain and have a lone wolf character or a mindset which is orientated around independent thinking, you will do well taking on a contrarian investing philosophy, not all philosophy’s are for everyone- know yours and even better: know yourself.

Knowing yourself is fundamental in investing, if you are losing in the markets, or make mistakes- it will be because you fail to understand your own reasoning or emotions. You are your biggest enemy when it comes to investing and you have to constantly seek to be self aware and stay calm when it comes to investing.

To be a great investor, you have to attempt to make the complex into something simple. An example) think about investing as a simple means of laying out cash today to get more back tomorrow and how will you make the most money? It is simply, which asset which give back the most based upon the assets underlying value. Simple investing is genius investing, do not forget it.

If you seek to win in the markets, you have to be a little mad- it is no easy task and many fail to do this. Another key point is patience, the stock market is simply a device in which money is transferred from the impatient to the patient, buying something on reasoning and holding it for the long term will allow you to have your best chances at success in investing.

What does value investing mean?

It is one of the most well known investment philosophies:

To conclude, to be your best self in investing- you only have to look to produce your best self daily, learn and grow whilst understanding yourself and having an investment philosophy in which you can constantly seek to develop it by learning. I hope this blog helped, expect another one shortly…

Have a fantastic day and I hope you had a good read.

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Thank you for reading and have a fantastic week ahead.





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