The art of investing

Jagdip Sanghera
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Let’s get into it.

The art of investing: I will go over the mindset you need to succeed in investing.

Firstly, investing rewards those who are patient, the more patient you are- the more you will make. Patience is very under rated, in investing it is the key to doing well and growing your wealth. The best way to grow your wealth in investing is to deploy massive amounts of patience. The more patience you can deploy, the more you can make- patience is the key guys.

Investing is a game in which you need to understand the asset. Most people invest in things they do not understand- this is a big no no. You’ve got to understand the asset, the better you are at understanding the asset, the more you will make. You’ve got to understand the asset, if you do not- your putting your money at unnecessary risk. Risk is necessary, but you want to take calculated risk.

Risk: Not knowing what you are doing. It’s that simple.

If you understand the asset and the industry, you will always make money. Start with understanding the asset.

To become super successful in investing, you have to be able to deploy huge amounts of patience and understanding in your investing approach.

Investing is one of the best ways to make money, while you sleep. If you don’t invest, you always have to work for money.

You need to figure out how to make money whilst you sleep, so you do not have to always work.

Investing your money creates huge opportunity in your future and life. So you have to get your investing right. It must be a priority for you, in order to attain huge success. You need to have focus to make money, focus on the few and not the many. It will increase how much wealth you can create.

We live in a world, where distraction is ruling- unfortunately.

In investing- focus is everything. The more you focus on the few and on getting it right about a few assets- the more wealth you will be able to create.

To become a super successful investor, there are 2 rules:

  1. do not lose money
  2. Do not forget rule #1

That’s all there is to investing.

It’s just about not losing money, and you will always make money- it’s that simple guys.

Invest for a brighter future, increase your odds at attaining financial success and you will not regret it.

In investing, you want to be able to think of it as a long term play. The best way to create wealth through investing is to play for the long term and make bets that are hedging you towards long term behavior. The best way to make money is to do things for the long term and not the short term. Take actions that have long term rewards and you will create a lot of wealth.

In investing, you over estimate the short term returns you can attain- but you under estimate the power of compounding. Compound interest allows your money to grow exponentially. Exponential growth is fantastic and it works in investing. So if you are patient, expect to have more than expected. Deploy patience, discipline and stick to taking actions that are for the long term.

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