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Jagdip Sanghera
3 min readOct 27, 2020


Hi, straight into it.

I will go over investing with you today, to increase your understanding of investing and to make you a better investor.

To kick things off: You have to understand the ability to be patient. Money is a long term play and you have to take action on behavior which predicates long term financial success. Money is a long term game and the more patient you are in the process, the more money you will earn and make. Start off with patience and your well on your way to attaining financial success.

Investing is a game in which the 130IQ beats the 160IQ, it is all about emotional stability, the better you are at managing your emotions, the more money you will earn. So focus your efforts on managing your own emotions, the better you handle your emotions- the more wealth you will create. It’s that simple guys.

If you want to succeed in investing, you have to have a strategy that is proven to work- it sounds like common sense but most people do not have a strategy. your strategy should resolve around investing in what you understand and in what will be something you can make an accurate judgement about in regards to the performance of the asset.

Investing is something which requires you to be good at managing your time. You have to invest your time, not spend it. The better you are at investing your time, the better you will do when it comes to performing in the market. If your young, your greatest asset is time and you should invest your time into your own mind and into developing the skill and art of investing. If your older, don’t worry, it is never too late- you can always learn and grow.

Too many people do complex formula to handle investing, the reality is that investing is simple and it does not require any talents or intellectual capabilities to do well. What you need is patience and emotional stability, as mentioned earlier. Guys, investing is simple:

  1. Understand the asset
  2. Invest for the long term
  3. Take calculated risk
  4. Don’t sell to early
  5. Invest in the asset you are passionate about
  6. Ignore news and noise

Investing is simple, follow these rules and you will perform well.

To beat the market, you have to take risk: but calculated risk, if you not what you are doing, there is no risk being taken. Risk is simply not knowing what you are doing, so focus on investing in what you understand and you will do just fine in investing.

Investing is simple: Lay out money to get more back in the future.

You need to invest, making money work for you whilst you sleep is the key to attaining financial success.

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Jagdip Sanghera

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