Why 99% haven’t got their finances in order?

Hi, in this blog I will discuss why most do not have their finances in order and 7 simple steps that you can take to improve your financial situation.

  1. Learn about money, get educated and develop a millionaire mindset at least- you don’t lack the resources, if anything it is a lack of effort.

If you neglect money, money won’t treat you very well- respect it and be willing to learn in developing and using your money wisely.

2. Be willing to sacrifice spending on what you want, so that you can buy what you want later.

A simple but complex point, don’t buy that thing you want to buy and in fact save it for another time, you should spend as little as you can and invest as much as you can if you are serious about growing your money over time.

If income is your problem, feel free to check out:

29 ways to make more money:

3. Never buy what you do not need.

This is so simple, yet uncommon in daily practice.

4. Find ways to grow your money or make your money work for you.

Invest, start a business or grow your business- make your money do something rather than sit in the bank idle.

5. Have a long term outlook on generating wealth, there are no quick rich schemes- it is all a process.

6. Produce more money, learn how to make more money- the resources are available every and anywhere.

Educational resources:

7. Make your money work for you, just as much as you work for it.

Do not let your money sit in a bank account, this is like eroding cash- the only time this would make sense is when you are seeking to anticipate a market crash.

Thank you for reading this blog,

Stay strong and be wicked.





Writer: investing and business; founder of: www.onezypher.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWS7elrZu8CQ0ml9gbRHuAg?view_as=subscriber

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