Why does no one understand money?

Money a sensitive topic for many, I’ll cut the shit and get right into it.

The idea of wanting to be rich or creating wealth has always been seen as a negative in society. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be rich or to create mass wealth, those who positively impact the world are rich after all. You must first understand that very few understand money and this is evident by the economies results, a collapsing middle class and a divide between the rich and poor which is becoming greater regularly.

Money is an instrument and almost like a type of fuel, money is a reward system created by society. For the most part, there is no lack of money and money flows to people in power and to those who are providing value at a greater scale or to a greater audience. You don’t need money to be happy or to even live a successful life. But the ability to buy what you want when you want and living a life of financial freedom is almost everyone's inner desire.

You may think you need money to make money, this is another myth. You can start with little to no resources, money doesn’t make you rich alone. It is your understanding of money which allows you to generate masses of wealth. The problem with money is that it can be used for both bad and good, money is a complex reward system to those who work and simple to entrepreneurs who just focus on value creation.

How to generate wealth:

How to make more money:

To conclude you don’t need money to be happ but the lack of money can cause you to have financial difficulty or to be unhappy.

Will you go and make more after this?

Thank you for reading and stay strong.



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