Why is entrepreneurship is not for 80%?


So you want to find out why entrepreneurship is probably not for you.

Entrepreneurship is time consuming, mentally, physically and emotionally draining. The set backs and challenges that you have to overcome to succeed in entrepreneurship is somewhat brutal. The mindset that you have to develop will be that of the minority which is why most entrepreneurs are heavily criticised for their ideas and also why most give up. To be successful in business you have to be relentless and bold every step of the way.

The cons of entrepreneurship:


“step ferociously”- Jeff Bezos

To be misunderstood for months to years until your vision starts to form as your reality is something which most would struggle to endure, the isolation that comes alongside the crazy hours in which you need to work to become successful is mind blowing and would not suit most. The work ethic trait is again not for most and it is not hard to work these hours, if you are truly passionate about your business or your vision.

If you are in it for the money, chances are it will not work out- the vision should be your #1 priority.

“Work like there is someone working 24/7 trying to kick your ass”- Mark Cuban

You will have to make many sacrifices in your personal life to make your business work, 90–95% do not fail for no reason- a lot of it comes down to work ethic and the inability to consistently learn and grow. The world is changing fast and so are markets, you must be able to adapt. They will brand you as crazy and as mad for committing and going all in to your business, be ready to withstand the heat.

When the pressure rises, most will give up- you have to find it within you to keep going and push through barriers. The more problems you can solve, the more successful you are as an entrepreneur, pushing through boundaries constantly will allow you to keep getting to the next level. It is very hard to persist in the face of difficulty and most of the time you will have to face those challenges alone. If you enjoy problem solving, entrepreneurship is for you.

Press forward in the face of challenges and you will be rewarded greatly. It is also true that you need a high pain threshold as an entrepreneur, the greater the difficulty of the problem you are solving the more pain you must be able to withstand. Entrepreneurship also allows you to challenge yourself in the most arduous of ways, if you like a challenge- entrepreneurship is for you.

To conclude, entrepreneurship is not for most due to these reasons- you must be willing to constantly step outside of your comfort zone and try new things to succeed in business. It has never been easier to start a business than it is today but it must also be stated that it has never been more challenging to make your ideas succeed due to heavy competition and the state of the world.

If you know entrepreneurship is for you, go for it- there are many problems to be solved and you have it in you to make a difference, you aren’t born to be average.

I hope you enjoyed the read, have a fantastic week.

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