So you want to find out why investing is important, you’ve found a 1/10000000 blog post- I will educate you in regards to obtaining a good understanding why investing carries mad weight in today’s times.

Investing is for everyone and for all ages, it offers you true security and promise in assets being a better holding than cash most of the time. Cash holds power when one is anticipating a market crash but it is clear to me that you can purchase securities which would thrive in times of recession so investing beats holding cash hands down. Certain stocks would thrive in crashes but anticipating the crash and finding these companies will hold heavy burden.

Why should you consider investing?

How do you get started with investing?

Investing and it’s benefits to you:

Investing offers many benefits to you as an individual, I will list some of the more common benefits: Achieve returns, build long term wealth, get you to your retirement, help you save on taxes, meet financial goals, start and expand business’s, support others, protect your money as cash erodes over time, you can choose your level of risk so there is flexibility in investing. There are many pros to investing and investing can help you in your professional life aswell as personal.

Investing is usually a win/win game as long as you keep it simple, purchase what you understand and only that. If you are not able to find strong investment options, you have the option to get advice from wise counsel and it has never been easier to get in touch with business’s and individuals who are seeking to provide this service. You should consider investing as it opens up door ways for your future and the potential for a brighter future.

Since money is not everything, investing becomes even more important, a famous quote from Warren Buffett. You should seek to make your money work for you and as soon as possible, you do not need expertise or any talent or skill to be a successful investor as most of it comes down to emotional stability.

Why should you invest in business’s?

Investing in businesses allows you to make use of the power of: time value of money. Money in businesses grows exponentially with time the results would surprise you, most can not envision it. Having a long term outlook on buying pieces of businesses can offer extraordinary and shocking results, yet most do not have the patience level or will power to hold pieces of businesses- so this is rare and the results are uncommonly seen.

Stick to your logic when buying and keep your gut under control when holding.

An example of the rewards of the power of patience in investing: looking at Warren Buffett’s investing results, extraordinary results yet they are reproducible if one can take on his investment approach and have the discipline to stick to it for the long term (75+ years). There are many other factors which have contributed to his success but even Warren would agree that it is possible to achieve god like results if you are willing to put in the work, have the right focus and patience.

Why shouldn’t you invest?

You should not invest if you are emotionally unstable, lack the ability to hold the asset for years, to hold the asset for months is a joke. You must give your assets time to grow and expand over time, this mindset of creating wealth over the years will allow your to generate more wealth that you can imagine currently. Investing is not a risky game but those who do take the larger risks and have the stomach to hold onto their assets during down turns in the market will be able to achieve highly.

To conclude, you should be investing already if you are not, you are not allowing your money to work for you which is something that the wealthy are huge advocates for. The wealthy get their money to work for them and this allows them to multipy their wealth over time.

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