Let’s get into it.

The art of investing: I will go over the mindset you need to succeed in investing.

Firstly, investing rewards those who are patient, the more patient you are- the more you will make. Patience is very under rated, in investing it is the key to doing well and growing your wealth. The best way to grow your wealth in investing is to deploy massive amounts of patience. The more patience you can deploy, the more you can make- patience is the key guys.

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Investing is a game in which you need to understand the asset. Most people invest in things they do not understand- this is a big no no. You’ve got to understand the asset, the better you are at understanding the asset, the more you will make. You’ve got to understand the asset, if you do not- your putting your money at unnecessary risk. Risk is necessary, but you want to take calculated risk. …

Hi, straight into it.

I’ll go over business with you today and how you can attain your full potential in business.

Do you want to succeed in business?

Well, this blog is for you.

First, you have to understand the fundamentals: Value creation.

Value creation is the key to attaining success in business, the more value you can add the more wealth you can create. Add value first and ask later. The more value you can add the more you make in business. Everything in business resolves around value.

If you want to become a billionaire, change a billion lives.

If you want to be a break out super star millionaire, change thousands of lives- maybe even millions. …


Are you ready to learn about the stock market and investing in stocks?

Let’s get into it.

Firstly, I have to make it clear that this blog is not for everyone- it is for those who are seeking to create generational wealth in the stock market.

A quick heads up.

To be a great investor you need many qualities, I’ll kick things off by listing some of the traits that you need in order to succeed in the stock market.

  • Patience
  • Emotional stability
  • Discipline
  • A beginners mindset
  • The ability to think independently

These are some of the traits that you need to do well in the stock market, if your able to employ these traits into your daily life. You’ll smash it in the stock market, simple as. …

Hi, straight into it.

Stocks are for the patient, if your reading this and you struggle with the process of patience- stocks are going to be a difficult vehicle for you to create wealth in. You want to focus your efforts on creating wealth through other means. If you are on the other hand patient, stocks are for you. Stocks are easy to make money in, if you buy something for below it’s price and hold it for the long term- you are bound to make money.

The problem is most people aren’t patient

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Stocks are simple, most people believe they are complex and it is hard to make money in them. The reality is that stocks are super simple to create wealth in: All you need to do…

Hi, straight into it.

I don’t begrudge the fact that I have to say this but business is fucking hard guys. If you want to succeed in business you have to be able to out work and out perform everyone. You have to work crazy hours and be as tough as fucking nails to handle the hard days. Which will inevitably come. You will face many challenges in business but the rewards you can reap are definitely worth it.

Are you ready for the challenge of business?

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To succeed in business, you need the right habits, such as:

  • evolving and growing daily
  • learning more than others
  • getting outside your comfort…

Hi, straight into it.

Investing is a game. It’s very simple, you buy what you understand and you take the time required to figure out what you understand and don’t. You say no to what you don’t understand and keep your philosophy in alignment with what you truly are capable of understanding. Say no to everything you don’t understand and say yes to what you do understand, It’s that simple.

The people who win in investing are those who are able to employ huge amounts of patience in their approach to investing. Stick to the basics and you are bound to do well in investing. Be consistent in your approach to investing and stick to your philosophy, whilst continuously adjusting, adapting and improving. …

Hi, straight into it.

I will go over investing with you today, to increase your understanding of investing and to make you a better investor.

To kick things off: You have to understand the ability to be patient. Money is a long term play and you have to take action on behavior which predicates long term financial success. Money is a long term game and the more patient you are in the process, the more money you will earn and make. Start off with patience and your well on your way to attaining financial success.

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Investing is a game in which the 130IQ beats the 160IQ, it is all about emotional stability, the better you are at managing your emotions, the more money you will earn. So focus your efforts on managing your own emotions, the better you handle your emotions- the more wealth you will create. It’s that simple guys. …

Hi beautiful, straight into it.

I’m going to spill my heart out in this blog, stay tuned till the end.

You can do and be anything that you have passion and talent for, your potential is insane and you can do wonders- things that you never thought you could do. Anyone tells you otherwise, tell them to go fuck themselves. You are special and unique, you can do wonders for the world- make it happen.

The key to greatness is self awareness, knowing your strengths and playing to them.

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If you want to be a super successful high performance person, you have to have the work ethic of the very few. This means working as much as you can, the more you work- the luckier you get, so just do it. Make it happen, you have so much inner strength and power that you are not aware of. To become aware is to be enlightened and the more enlightened you are, the better off you will be in: wealth , health, success and happiness. …

Hi, today I will go over the mistakes that people commonly make in business.

  1. Not learning and growing, if you aren’t learning and growing- you aren’t giving yourself a chance to succeed. You need to be constantly evolving.
  2. Not investing in yourself, the amount you make is correlated to how much you invest in yourself- you have to invest in yourself regularly.
  3. Trying to avoid mistakes, it is inevitable that you will make mistakes- you just have to learn and fix them quickly.
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4. Not innovating, business is the best play to put your creativity into action- if you aren’t innovating, you can’t expect to do super well in investing. …

Hi, straight into it.

How does a successful investor think?

In today’s blog I will help you to take off the blind fold which is preventing you from understanding what it takes to be successful in investing.

A successful investor is one who constantly adapts and grows his philosophy, you have to be willing to keep on developing and growing your mindset in order to create wealth. Focus your efforts on learning, the more you learn the more you earn. …


Jagdip Sanghera

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